Panayiopoula Church, Corfu
Panayiopoula Church, Corfu


The Triodio started, the messages involved are being learnt, fasting easily in preparation for the severe fast. Lists of fasting days, recipes, reminders that fasting is also absence from sin not just food. Even the TV guides us where best to buy our shrimps. During the last month we were shattered by the big quakes over in Turkey, so much so that it was out of place to be concerned about a rich Clean Monday table when the poor Turks were left with nothing. Clean Monday was 27 February, with emphasis on the type of food provided, out in the fields, children running after their kites. This is also Carnival time - everyone dons costumes, masks, and dances through the streets as in Venice and Rio. Next door, a lady is packaging for the quake survivors, the same she had done last month for the Ukrainians. God willing, her efforts will be appreciated.  

The messages prior to the start of Lent proper, are for humility, repentance, forgiveness. No classroom can teach humility. One sure success comes after continuous thoughts for Jesus, leaving you no time to think about yourself! Someone else said, “I think of myself as made of earth and ashes”. No Father of the church disregarded these messages. Translations, interpretations, renderings are plentiful, Sermons are delivered,year in year out, on both humility and repentance. The way to Christ is through Humility. The latest Saints, those we knew personally, like Jacob of Euboea, Porfyrios and Paisios were incredibly humble. They all lived in perpetual repentance, meaning they had a correct opinion of themselves. Repenting sins and wrongdoings brings tears, removes pride, does not acknowledge achievements. Each saint had humility, the greatest of virtues, and could guide others to confess, to repent and to rebuild their image. All of our friends in search of communication with Christ have read the moving sections of Scripture, the birth and death of Christ, Elizabeth and Maria together, now want to read more themselves. Each of them have personally desired selections, so we start from introductory books plus more Gospels. The wisdom of God can and must be acquired with the help of a devout, learned Geronta who may be right under your nose! Your spiritual guide is chosen by you, to hear all your private matters. To him you will divulge old misdeeds. Hunt for him.

Sometime in March the evening Service, Praises to The Mother of God, entails further study. Every year the Metochi has useful booklets free, for each Service. Watch your church diary carefully - 25 March is a major day. Plan your days for many Church Services in this precious lead-up to Easter. If you enjoy learning, then the Sunday of Orthodoxy is perfect for you.

August 23 - Festival of The Odigitria

As at every monastery, so too at the Holy Metochi the celebration of the Saint to whom the monastery is dedicated is the most significant day in the year. 

In the case of the Metochi, our Patroness is the Holy Virgin and Mother of God, the Odigitria, who in this area is called the Panayiopoula. All year in our thoughts and prayers we call to  her to bestow her grace on us.

The 23rd of August is the Return Feast of the Dormition of the Virgin Mary, the 9th day, and worshippers venerate a small icon of the Dormition, showing the All-Holy settled on her deathbed surrounded by apostles, hierarchs and angels.

Leading up to the day the church is scrubbed, polished and decorated. The Altar is covered with a richly embroidered cloth only used for this festival, flowers fill every corner and rows of flags are strung up and down the street. The  beloved and grace-filled icon of the Panayiopoula is framed in priceless handmade lace.

Celebrating the Panagia Odigitria

The church which so many describe as having a 'soul' is very small, so chairs outside in the quiet street soon fill up with locals and some from further away.

Each Service is officiated by the Hegumen of the Holy Monastery Platytera.

'All generations shall call me blessed'  Luke 1, 48. That is why we call and pray for her help, our Ever-Virgin Mother. All Holy Theotokos intercede for us.

The church can be contacted by writing to PO Box 532, Corfu, 49100 Greece or by email at

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